Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the Bug Vacuum

Today's item in question: the Bug Vacuum.

According to the ad copy, this "ecological" device "sucks up unwanted spiders and other stray bugs in the house to return them outside, without harm." It's great for when you love nature, but not enough to touch it. Because it's icky. Ew.

Alternate device: a glass and a stiff piece of paper.

Other alternate device: a rolled-up magazine. Whack!

Because this device helps you move bugs around without harming them (though I imagine that being unexpectedly sucked up by a powerful engine, moved, then dropped somewhere else would cause some physical damage or at least deep emotional trauma) AND has a clear tube for viewing the trapped insects, it is said to be "great for budding naturalists!"

However, I would imagine that the amount of energy, materials and waste involved in the manufacture of this product, plus the fact that it and the 4 AA batteries required for its operation will eventually end up sitting in a landfill for centuries far outweigh the ecological benefit of safely escorting one single solitary bug out of your home. In fact, I would wager that this device was made in some third-world country that imposes very low environmental standards on its manufacturing sector, not to mention disregarding child labor laws and basic human rights.

But never mind that. You moved the bug outside without having to get close to it, and have therefore bought yourself something much more important than the working environment of people in impovershed foreign lands or the conditions outline in the United Nation's Declaration of the Rights of the Child: your very own peace of mind.

Good job, yippies.


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