Saturday, July 08, 2006

One day I read they found a body in the river/ Tiki god wow you make me shake you make me shiver

The Sharper Image occasionally slips away from its traditional aesthetic and makes a nervous little sallying into the wonderful world of white trash decor, like an upper-middle class hipster kid playing at being poor. Today's object of inappropriately frothing vitriol is one of these little forays: the Misting Tiki Lounger. This little floating pool toy seat thing and its four D batteries (sold separately) is designed to keep you cool when you're floating in a pool.

Some of us might question the wisdom of combining an electrical object with water, but that's part of what makes the Sharper Image the Sharper Image.

This lounger sprays its loungee with a fine spray of water, allowing the loungee to remain cool whilst reclining comfortably on rubber floating pool furniture. This is definitely a useful item, for I doubt I or anyone else could come up with some alternate way to find relief from the sweltering summer sun. While lounging in a swimming pool. It's lovely that this item is on sale ($29.95, reduced from $69.95), but still, if only there were some other way to obtain relief from the seasonal heat while hanging out at the swimming pool, like if there were some form of cool water available there. At the pool.


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