Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why the Diet Industry is Thriving: Part I

It was only a matter of time before the Sharper Image produced their own version of Homer's Reachin' Broom, but I must say I'm surprised it's not shinier, blue or transparent.

Well, whatever it is, they call it the Deluxe Gopher Pick Up & Reaching Tool (as seen on TV!). It helps you reach things without the trouble of stretching or getting a chair to stand on.

Now, there are a lot of inventions that sound kind of dumb and pointless, but actually do have some reasonable application. You or I might have no justifiable use for an Electric Can-Opener or an Automatic Watch Winder, but products like these can be quite a boon to, say, an old person with arthritis. I recently came across a blog somewhere written by a guy with disabled hands singing the praises of the Bug Vacuum; for him, the product was practically a godsend, for without it he really couldn't move bugs around on his own very well. So now I feel kind of guilty. (As though anybody, handy or not, actually reads this blog.)

In my defense, though, I doubt a pensioner or someone on disability can afford to burn seventy bucks on a watch-winder.

So when I saw this Sharper Image version of Homer's Reachin' Broom, I thought, "Maybe there is some legitimate reason for this product's existence. Sure, 99% of the people who buy this thing are probably just kind of lazy, but maybe it will genuinely make a positive difference in the lives of that remaining one percent."


And the reason is: have any of you tried operating a rifle one-handed? That's what it's going to be like trying to grab that five-pound bag of flour off the top shelf (their example, not mine) with this thing. A weight that would be easy to handle normally would be quite cumbersome at the end of a long stick; it's an awkward way to distribute the weight that will probably put a lot of strain on the wrists. Pretty rough on your arthritic grandma and her osteoporosistastical joints.


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