Thursday, August 10, 2006

The entire planet is made out of widdly-wee

In a previous post, I noted that, while many of the Sharper Image's devices have ludicrously unnecessary extra functions, their massagers or vibrators only vibrate. They don't poach eggs or tell time or talk; just vibrate.

Well, this Spa Head Massager does have a second application: part of a costume in Star Trek Cosplay.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I am curious (coral)

Today's target of contempt, the Mood Beams, are not chosen because of their total lack of any sort of useful function (tchotchkas that do nothing but gather dust and look shiny are pretty normal, and the price of sixteen bucks for something like that isn't very unusual either), but because they're kind of creepy.

Sure, they look kind of cute. Like My Buddy dolls. Or leprechauns. Or the mogwais resulting from the water spilled on Gizmo.

And then the dazzling color display promised in the ad copy gets ahold of your brain and convinces you to kill your friends and/or pets.